Building leaders in the digital domain and beyond

Gemini is fast emerging as one of the leading firms in the field of software engineering and IT consulting.

Our Story

Founded in 2012, Gemini started with a team of five individuals in Noida. We quickly made a name for ourselves as a niche player in the financial services industry and expanded our presence in India. By 2019, we were already serving the needs of 10 clients. Despite the pandemic, we continued to grow and achieved a two-fold increase in our size. Today, we are a team of over 1300 colleagues operating from 9 different locations!

Meet the Team

Tremendous Journey

5 Year Journey - Web Updated.svg
5 Year Journey - Web Updated.svg

Our Core Values

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Customer Focus

Committed to our clients, we strive to continuously provide customizable, affordable and quality products & services.

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We are quick to respond and adapt to changes in order to succeed in this rapidly shifting and turbulent world of technology.

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Entrepreneurial spirit

We promote entrepreneurial spirit which helps us articulate innovative ideas that further assist and inspire us.

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Built on a strong foundation of trust, we keep authenticity and transparency at the core of our values.

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Team Spirit

We understand the importance of clear communication within the company and prioritize it to achieve excellent comradery.

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We encourage people to forge their own path to leadership by expressing ingenious ideas which impact their teams and the company.

We Are a Nation of Gemini










What We Do Best

Better & Faster Delivery

We collaborate with various entities including businesses, governments, non-profits, and other organizations to tackle intricate issues with a focus on efficient and timely delivery.

Transparency & Honesty

We have principles of transparency and honesty embedded into our culture, leading to significant benefits and fostering open and effective communication.

Creative Problem Solving

We specialize in providing unique and imaginative solutions for complex challenges through creative problem-solving approaches that drive business success for our clients.

Striving for Perfection

We continually aim for excellence by placing quality in everything done and paying attention to even the smallest details, which leads to the production of incredible work.

Recognitions & Certifications

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Committed to continuous improvement, Gemini has been appraised at level 3 of ISACA’s Capability Maturity Model Integration.

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We develop, maintain and continuously improve our business processes to meet quality standards.

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We have been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in America for 5 years in a row!

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We are AICPA SOC 2 Type 2 certified which makes Gemini a reliable cloud services provider.

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We won the Red Hat Digital Transformation award in 2018 for demonstrating determined problem solving, & innovation.

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We received the Swachh Corporate Award from the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram for carrying out various CSR activities.

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Teens of God Regd. NGO awarded Gemini with the Key Corporate Associate award for closely working with them for the betterment of the society.

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Gemini participated in 10km Ahimsa Run in April '23 which was a successful attempt for Guinness World Records & World Records India.