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Gemini Solutions is an IT Consulting and Product Development firm. Our services provide clients with a flexibility to choose from an array of automation and application development solutions as well as giving them an option to choose from outsourcing, onshore or offshore engagement models. Gemini offers several management services and is able to combine our range of services to suit a diverse range of needs.

We cater to the diversified portfolio of clients across sectors such as banking & financial services, retail, healthcare, education and government sector. We are proud to say that we have a well-structured IT community that has been handpicked from the best colleges across India who keep abreast with today’s rapidly changing and ever-evolving technological advancements.

We strive to continuously provide customizable, affordable and quality products & services to our patrons through our creative & skilled teams who demonstrate an inherent agility towards projects.


Gemini Solutions has procedures in place that support privacy objectives and protect non-public personal information and employee private data consistent with applicable state and federal regulations. Gemini Solutions' privacy objectives also aim to be consistent with applicable international statutes.


Gemini Solutions is committed towards protecting the privacy of the data which is in accordance with its Privacy Policy. In order to meet its privacy goals, Gemini Solutions has implemented various company policies encompassing privacy and security. These include Gemini’s Security Program, Information Security policies and the company’s Code of Conduct and Ethics. Gemini Solutions also implements agreements with vendors, customers and employees that protect non-public information, including non-disclosure agreements, protective commercial agreements, and data sharing authorizations (such as “direction letters”). Gemini has implemented various administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect private data against anticipated threats and hazards, and unauthorized access.

Security Measures

Gemini Solutions takes reasonable steps to retain only such vendors and service providers that are capable of maintaining appropriate security measures to protect non-public personal information. Such steps may include reference checks and using our internal audit and security teams to conduct onsite review of operations.

Business Transaction with Customers

Gemini Solutions from time to time receives/can access data from its customers (e.g., only for accessing the information with direct line via a Citrix connection) that contains information of the client elements, such as names, current shareholding, government-issued identifiers and operational reports from processes we are responsible to deliver. The terms and conditions applicable to each party’s responsibility with respect to such data are set forth in our commercial software licensing and services agreements, including terms relating to confidentiality, access authorization, technical safeguards, regulatory compliance, and loss management.

Collection of Personal Information

Gemini Solutions acquires employee private information in connection with performing the Human Resources function. All of this data is received when the employee is onboarded or as or when required. This information is included with job applications, employment eligibility forms, government personal data sheets, payroll instructions, and other employee forms; examples of this information include direct deposit account numbers, national insurance and names of emergency contact relatives, phone numbers, health reimbursement accounts, and benefits selections.

We also may occasionally receive information that could be considered medical in nature, although the primary communication channel for this data is between employees and our medical insurance providers and our benefits administrator service. Although an increasing amount of this data is electronic, much of this private information is still provided in paper form, which is stored in a locked records room. When collecting employee private information, Gemini Solutions provides notice and information to employees regarding the information being collected.

Security of Information Collected

Gemini Solutions takes appropriate measures to protect the Personal Data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access and disclosure. Through ISMS trainings and refresher course after 6 months we ensure that our employees understand the confidentiality of the data and that it is important to safeguard the information failing which Gemini Solutions reserves the right to take appropriate action against any employee who fails to adhere to the requisite standards of conduct.

Notification of Changes to This Policy

The management can change/alter this policy without any notice at its sole discretion at any point in time.